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Vocabilis.NET lets any learners of second or foreign languages dramatically increase their vocabulary.

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Here is what you can do with Vocabilis.NET

Vocabilis.NET lets you:

  • Create vocabulary lessons. You can create lessons by adding cards that can contain a foreign word or phrase, its translation, reading and context (example sentences).
  • Make flashcards for video lessons from Youtube. You can embed Youtube videos and add accompanying text such as the video’s script.
  • Learn your lessons in a simple and straightforward manner. Vocabilis.NET uses a simple yet effective algorithm that lets you memorize vocabulary almost without effort.
  • Instantly see how well you’re doing. Each lesson is accompanied by a simple bar chart that lets you see at a glance how far along you have progressed through the lesson.

Ideas for vocabulary lessons:

  • Create vocabulary lessons for your favorite songs. Find a video for a song on Youtube, embed it in your lesson and add its lyrics.
  • Create vocabulary lessons for movie and series trailers with subtitles (or scripts).
  • Create lessons for a book you are using to learn the language.
  • Create lessons for anything you like.